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We carry out a wide scope of services in the environment sector, being accompanied by a professional technical team, having various relevant experiences. We implement environmental impact assessment, environmental management & plan, post environmental impact assessment, prior environmental review, design & construction of prevention facilities (atmosphere/water quality/noise & vibration), waste matter treatment facility (landfill & incineration) and many other professional consulting services to establish an eco-friendly environment for all living things.

Major Project Portfolio

    Environmental Department
  • - Environmental Impact Assessment
  • - Ex post Facto Environmental Impact Survey
  • - Noise & Vibration: Establishment of Means of Noise Management in Residential Area and Side of Road
  • - Natural Environment (Eco-system): Establishment of Means of Restoration of Natural Environment

  • Environmental Department for New Innovative Growth
  • - Designing/Construction of Waste Matter Treatment Facility
  • - Environmental Management and Planning